Dynamic Display Ads: Stand Out From The Crowd(ed) Ad Space

In the digital marketing field, standing out is not as easy as it once was. If you lack an online presence, your brand is instantly deemed irrelevant. (Almost as irrelevant as the fans who think LSU is going to win The Golden Boot over the Hogs this year). To become a true superstar, you need to distinguish your brand, target your loyal fans, and give each one of them a personalized experience.

With almost every industry currently advertising online, any time you visit a website your screen is flooded with display ads trying to grab your attention. These ads attempt to deliver a message, the only problem is that it may be a message your potential customers are not seeking.



Let’s “kickoff” by explaining how customized HTML5 dynamic display ads can score the big touchdown. People who have viewed your website are already on the 50-yard line — custom HTML5 dynamic display ads are what can take them the distance.

Custom Display.jpg

Display ads are effectively used in both upper and lower-funnel campaigns, however, the dynamic display ads that CenterRock creates are targeted to lower-funnel consumers. Dynamic display ads are customizable graphics that build and strengthen brand awareness while reaching leads that are valuable to you. These personalized banner ads change in real-time, appearing differently to individual viewers as a direct response to drive the consumer to a conversion. With custom HTML5 dynamic display ads, CenterRock uses the product feed from the client website to retarget potential customers based on their website behavior.



Create a 46 Defense. And by that, we mean do something innovative, something different, something as unstoppable as Buddy Ryan and the ‘80s Chicago Bears.

Did someone visit your website to look at a specific vehicle model? Call the right play and pass them what they’re looking for. Many brands fumble by displaying ads that are off-target, spending money inefficiently. Huddle up and plan to hand off not only the type of vehicle they previously viewed, but the EXACT vehicle. This audience has already visited the website — they are already in the funnel, now we need to retarget these consumers to bring them back to the website, guiding them towards becoming a lead.




One of the issues with traditional display advertisements is the overwhelming use of similar templates, causing an ineffective branding experience. When you spend money on a display ad, you want it to stand out. That's why CenterRock Advertising uses a tool called Google Web Designer that allows us to create a special brand-audience connection with different templates for each client, so you never blend in.

The dynamic display ads that CenterRock creates are one-of-a-kind with brand-specific elements, relevant product information, and a clear CTA, attracting high-quality traffic back to your website. Plus, the customized HTML5 display allows for interactive or animated elements which help focus attention on the copy and CTAs.


In your playbook along with text ads, video ads, social ads, and now customized dynamic display ads — your fans will go HOG WILD for your brand.